Welcome to Badung, Bali

Bali is a Province of unique island with Hindus majority of the people belongs to the Republic of Indonesia, divided into 8 regencies and one municipal city of Denpasar, the Province Capital.

Badung Regency is located in the center as if it separates the islands into two sections of west and east, while the Regency’s southern land facing the Indian Ocean with entirely white sand beaches. The existence of the only International Air Port, the main the Gate way to Bali on the beautiful nature of southern Badung area, bring a result for the Regencies becoming famous tourist center which owns welknown beach resort of Kuta, Nusa Dua, Legian, Jimbaran and others.

Bali has various things for visitor to offer from its unique culture, nature, beauty, tourist facilities, entertainment up to art and souvenir as well as attractions.  Those are easily accessible from Badung, where  visitor could conveniently arrange any return trip to every point of interest in Bali within few hours.

Dear reader, I believe this Website is far from perfect, but hoped it still be able to present some usefull information to make every one easy in exploring the beauty of Badung Regency.

Last but not least, welcome to Bali especially. Badung Regency and have a nice holiday.


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