Pantai Nusa Dua

What is known now as Nusa Dua tourism resort is consist of 3 areas along east beach and Tanjung Benoa peninsula. While the name of Nusa Dua was coming from 2 small spec of islands at the tip of east coast current Nusa Dua. These 2 islands in Balinese language called Nusa Dua. Nusa means land, and Dua means two, so Nusa Dua means the "two lands ". We now use the name of Nusa Dua to refer the specially designed tourist resort which is managed under Bali Tourism Development Corporation where luxurious Nusa Dua hotels are located. North to Nusa Dua, from the turn of Pratama Street is belong to Tanjung Benoa village, a long narrow peninsula, and south of Nusa Dua hotels area is belong to the village of Bualu. These 2 traditional villages are originally having been there from immemorial time. On these 3 areas have developed various tourism facilities, especially Nusa Dua hotels, Tanjung Benoa Hotels, Bualu Hotels, and South Nusa Dua hotels.

On the list above the heading is only refer to Nusa Dua Hotels, to show the exact position of the hotels we have prepared the column showing each of the hotel location which are belong to Nusa Dua hotels, Tanjung Benoa hotels, or South Nusa Dua hotels. Nusa Dua hotels are mostly luxurious hotels of 5 stars and villas with published rates ranging from USS 200++ up to US$ 400++ The surrounding of Nusa Dua hotels such as the west side is cultivated by Bali Tourism Corporation into a beautiful gardens and joined again by Bali Golf and Country Club with it's beautiful green and artificial lake. While Tanjung Benoa hotels are more various from simple Tanjung Benoa hotels, medium class Tanjung Benoa hotels, and also deluxe category Tanjung Benoa hotels are available. Smaller Tanjung Benoa hotels are closer to the local settlement in the wider sense of meaning. Most of Tanjung Benoa.



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