The ultimate objectives of Indonesia as a free country can be achieved only by continuous development of all aspects in life

Economic development is part of national development including the development of national tourism which can be realized only by active participations of its community such as corporations, hotels, restaurants, suppliers, catering companies, and tourism education institutions, all joined together in one association.

To provide advice and/or advocacy when necessary for its members, and to support the business in hotels, restaurants, food catering services and suppliers

Take part in developing potentials in national tourism

To accommodate suggestions , to provide assistance, consultations, education and training in order to upgrade quality of output and products of its members

To create team work and solidarity among its members and other tourism potentials, domestic and international

Active participation in domestic and international promotion programs to gain the most favorable business condition in tourism

To conduct research, planning and business development

To coordinate and work together with various Association of Professionals of various field such as hotels, restaurants, food catering services and Tourism Education Institutions.


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